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Causes of Quickbooks Error 15222 Corrupted Windows File
Incomplete or successful installation Malware or Virus infected the machine
One or more files are accidentally deleted or otherwise not available
QuickBooks is unable to verify the digital signature
Once you download the file, QuickBooks tries to protect the body and its content by verifying your digital signature. When QuickBooks struggles to verify the digital signature, it lands with QuickBooks Error 15222. If you want To know  Fix Quickbooks Error 15222 then can contact our experts.

To take care of the matter promptly, the first thing you need to be sure that you are employing the latest type of Internet Explorer or Browser. In the event that you don’t have the newest version, we advise you go the MS Download Center and then start the downloading. If it's web browser 10, it won’t support QuickBooks 2013 version or any prior version of QuickBooks. You can also know Resolve Quickbooks Error 15222 by contacting our experts.

These are the steps you will need to follow to fix QuickBooks Error 15222:
 Solution 1: Use QuickBooks clean install tool to uninstall and then reinstallation:

Reinstall your QuickBooks Accounting Software. This could be the ultimate way to solve error code 15223. However, there could be some situations. In such instances, the job should really be performed with the help of Clean Install or Clean Uninstall. To manage the process, QuickBooks Software has to be completely uninstalled. Now, rename all of the files which are left out and then start the installation once again.

Prior to starting uninstallation, the following is one thing that you need to know is keep your installation file, CD and license information handy.

Here is the sequence to execute the task using Clean Install Tool:

To start with, uninstall QuickBooks.
Download QuickBooks Clean Install Tool and Run it.
Now, start QuickBooks re-installation.
Solution 2: What changes have to make in Internet Explorer:

Get in Touch with our experts so that you can Troubleshoot Quickbooks Error 15222

Double click on Internet Explorer icon. Now, select open the program.
You will get internet options towards the top right corner of this monitor, select Internet options.
Now, click on security options then click in the trusted site tab.
Go through the Site button within the tab. Add and towards the enlisted trusted sites.
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