A QuickBooks Company file might not open for a number of reasons.  It might probably have become damaged the last time it absolutely was in use, or it may have now been damaged due to some form of corruption on your hard disk where in actuality the file is stored.  Other common factors include problems with reports or transaction templates that were left open inside the file the very last time it was closed (especially when you yourself have the preference selected to ësave desktop upon exití. Other reasons include using the wrong form of QuickBooks, or difficulties with the place of this file such as for example access permissions, difficulties with the file name and file extension, or a conflicting *QBW.tlg file are additional factors why you might not manage to open the file. In case you are getting any error about QuickBooks Won’t Open, Please contact us.

You could experience various error messages like the -6000 series (there are lots of), or the H# series, C= errors (such as C=343 or C=422, although they are rare), various Unrecoverable Errors (I wrote an article about it last week) and many other things.

Preliminary Step: The preliminary step is to always make certain that the issue is really with ëyour Company fileí and not QuickBooks itself. One simple method to do this really is to press and hold the Control (Ctrl) key while double clicking the specific QuickBooks application icon (not your QuickBooks file icon). In the event that program still does not open while holding down the Ctrl key then you definitely have a QuickBooks application issue, and not a ëfile issueí.  If QuickBooks does open, then try opening a ësample companyí file, and when the sample company opens then chances are the thing is with ëyour own Company fileí.

So letís assume for purposes of this article that you have determined that the situation needs to be along with your Company file.  A short time back In addition wrote a write-up about QuickBooks not enabling you to log-in, because the QBW.tlg file or even the database server thought that you were logged-in, so I wonít go into those actions now, apart from once the QBW.tlg file may relate to other problems.

Step one: the first step that i would recommend is the fact that you return to the ëNo Company Opení screen, when you yourself have that sample file open, then choose the option to close/log-off through the File Menu.

Step two: From the ëNo Company Opení screen, the second step would be to select the Utilities sub-menu from the File Menu, in the event that option to ëStop Hosting Multi-user Accessí is available, you wish to select it.  Everything we want to accomplish here is ëturn offí the hosting function either on the pc you might be using, or on every other computer on your own network this is certainly acting whilst the ëhostí.  So you may have to go through the exact same steps I outlined a second ago regarding use of the Ctrl key to open up QuickBooks without any business file being opened, then proceed to shut-down hosting on any/every computer you see it running. (Note: Hosting should NEVER be fired up in more than one computer on your own network.)

Step 3: The 3rd step is by using the Windows browse feature to discover the directory (folder) where your organization file is stored.  You now like to make a Windows ëcopyí of your CompanyFile.QBW and CompanyFile.QBW.tlg file and safely store them away in a directory called  ëSafety-1í you create (I almost always suggest regarding the ëdesktopí.)  Now i really want you to continue this process to generate another copy in an additional directory called ëSafety-2í and copy the two files to that particular directory as well. You can always ëdeleteí these copies if you donít need them later (one copy is a true 'safety' copy, and the other is likely to be used for 'testing purposes'.)

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