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Types of ERP Software System - SAP Infor and Oracle Computers Articles | November 18 Thiago Silva Jersey , 2010

A brief synopsis of the different types of ERP software is given in this article. SAP R3, Business One, LN, Oracle e-business suite Financials and PeopleSoft Enterprise.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system aims in integrating the vital functions of an enterprise leading to a better communication and flow of data through the different units of an enterprise, regardless of their geographical locations. A standard ERP system constitutes of a software component Stanley N'Soki Jersey , hardware infrastructure and a process documentation component. An ERP package integrates several functions like production, finance and accounts, supply chain management, asset management, logistics and many more. Different types of ERP software are available in the market catering to the needs of all types of business and corporate houses. Large global organizations require complex ERP package to support more functions than the small and medium sized enterprises.

A brief synopsis of the different types of ERP software is given below

SAP R3 and B1: This is one of the most popular ERP software applications in the world with a record number of customers. SAP ERP offers two types of packages Sebastien Cibois Jersey , SAP R3 and B1. SAP R3 integrated software is suitable for very small and big enterprises, and supports all the vital functions. This system can be customized to meet the specific requirements of a business. The clientserver architecture enables this system to run on various platforms like Windows Server, UNIX and OS400. Various database packages like SQL server, Oracle or DB2 can be used in implementing SAP R3.

SAP B1 package, also known as "Business One" Presnel Kimpembe Jersey , is more suitable for the small and medium sized organizations. This package comes with pre- built modules like Customer Relationship Management, Finance, e-commerce, Warehousing, procuring and reporting.

LNBaan: Originally created by The BaaN Corporation Moussa Sissako Jersey , LN ERP software package is configured for the manufacturing industries, which have a complex working system. The complex supply chains of these industries follow different methodologies. Suitable for the large business organizations this ERP software offers better communication and collaboration and enhances the performance and productivity. It leverages the IT infrastructure thereby reducing the expenses. This package offers a high level of customization and is largely adopted by the made-to-order and engineering-to-order organizations.

Oracle e-Business Suite Financials and PeopleSoft Enterprise: Oracle has launched two ERP software packages. One is E- Business Suite Financials, which is a user- friendly package ideal for the financial services organizations. This package offers modules for dynamic planning, budgeting, forecasting Moussa Diaby Jersey , multidimensional analysis of profits and all sorts of financial operations. It supports the functions of globally scattered organizations. The second Oracle ERP package is the People Soft Enterprise, which is highly customized, and is targeted for the complex business functions. This customized package supports a wide range of functions of different types of organizations and can be run on a number of database systems and architecture. Article Tags: Software System, Different Types

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