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The OL-222 error indicates that QuickBooks would not receive a legitimate response through the financial institution’s server. A parsing error took place the server response. This could be due to one or more characters within the .qbo file that aren't compliant because of the Open Financial Exchange (OFX) standard for exchanging financial data with QuickBooks.
The download (.QBO file) is formatted incorrectly and needs to be fixed because of the Financial Institution.
Just how to fix QuickBooks Error Code c224?

Solution 1: Update to your latest release

Please go right to the Update towards the Latest Release web page.
Now, make sure that your product is selected. If you don't, click the Change link and choose your QuickBooks product.
Select and follow the instructions for example of this update options:
Click the Updatebutton to download the update file.
Click Setup Automatic Updates to learn simple tips to set QuickBooks to automatically download and install the newest updates.

Make a backup of your Company file.
Import the .qbo file again.
Solution 2: Correct invalid formatting

A good example of invalid characters will be “&”.  By simply editing the QBO file in Text Edit and removing all cases of this, it can allow QuickBooks to correctly import the file.

If you can find formatting issues, please contact the bank for assistance. The bank supplies the QBO download, plus they should be made aware of this. QuickBooks follows a set of OFX guidelines set by the OFX Consortium. If a financial institution does not stick to these guidelines, QuickBooks will be unable to import those QBO downloads.

Solution 3: Download an innovative new FIDIR.txt file

Important: Please make a backup before completing the steps outlined in this KB. QuickBooks has to be closed while performing steps 1-3.

Keep the Control key and then click the form of QuickBooks for Mac you are using to download the proper file.  Choose Download Linked File As and save it towards the Desktop.

Through the top menu bar click Go > Applications.
CTRL + click from the icon for “QuickBooks 20XX”
In the contextual menu, select Show Package Contents.
Within the new window that opens, double-click the Contents
Double-click the Resources
Find the “FIDIR.txt” file and drag it to the Trash.

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Merry Smith

Hi There,

I am using QuickBooks payroll software to create an online invoice for a customer. I have never face any issue before updating the payroll. But after update the software. I am facing QuickBooks Error code 15222 in Window 10. I have tried 2-3 times customer support but was not a good response there. Could anyone suggest to me? How can it resolve permanently? 

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