For the first time, the defending Super Bowl champions willhave a starter who has never attempted a pass under center. Manning retired in the offseason, and Trevor Siemian, in his second year in the Mut 20 coins league, won the starting job.The Panthers still have their all-star quarterback, who was heavily criticized for his sloppy play in the Super Bowl and for walking out of the postgame presser. But for Cam Newton, this isn't an opportunity for revenge.

A win on Thursday won't change anything about the way last season ended for the Panthers. This is a new season, and it's an opportunity for Carolina to start strong."I'm so focused on the lead-up to our game on Thursday. I can't look back," Newton said. "A lot of people are going to make it a rematch, but it's not a rematch. It's just our next opponent."

Newton was named the league's MVP last season, and buy Madden 20 coins despite disrupting his game viciously in the Super Bowl, Von Miller believes the hype surrounding Newton. He also thinks the Panthers will present a tougher challenge for the Broncos this time around.

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