Are you finding it difficult to log in to Account Live? One obvious reason could be that you are not entering your password correctly. Check it twice and if it is still not working, then perform the Account Live password reset process. The steps for this process depends whether you have turned on the two-step verification or not. If it is enabled, then visit, provide your registered email address or phone number, and click Next. Microsoft will send you a password reset code on your email address or the phone number.

Get the code and use it on the next page to put a new password in the “New password” text box. Right next to it, you will find one more text box “Confirm password”; retype your password in it and Submit or save it. Use your existing email address/phone number with this new password to log in to your account. Please note that if the two-step authentication feature is disabled, then visit for the Account Live password reset. is a place you need to visit in two cases: first, you have forgotten your Account Live password and want to reset it, second, you cannot access the email address linked to your Microsoft account. To start with the Account Live com password reset process, go to

Provide your registered email address and then enter any other email address. Please note that you should have the log in credentials of this alternate email address. In case, if you don’t have an alternate email to receive a password reset code, then simply click the “Create a new one with” link  to get a new email address.

You will be redirected to a new tab to complete the registration for your new email address with Once the sign up finishes, enter the new email into the right field at the Account Live password reset page. Now, type the captcha code carefully and click the Submit button. You will receive a password reset code on your email address. Use this code to reset a new password for the Account Live com password reset. In case of any trouble, feel free to speak to the Microsoft customer support professionals.

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