Therefore a level 20 player will no longer have the ability to buy orange replicas at Black Market whatsoever - that the worst part is Buy Maplestory 2 Mesos, a level 20 player can't afford to buy those low-level supplies and gears from anywhere else because other areas overprice all goods. How about raising more money by purchasing something else to buy one from those location? Do remember you are excluded from the transactions in Black Market because your own level. It's a really vicious circle which has nothing to do with striking down Meso vendors but pushing legitimate low-level gamers right into a corner.

If it comes to the third limitation, for low-level beginners and alts builders, the effect has been undoubtedly more than Nexon could think about, where it will become insignificant for Meso robots and seller. Alta builders, that have been endured all the repetitive and protracted episodes, cutscenes for the first time and got very sick of those for your second or third run. So playing with instruments and fishing is really a great support to accelerate all alts quicker without the feelings of boredom. However, with all the EXP slashed in those actions now, leveling up any alt seems going to a dead end, in addition to boosting a new account.

And exactly how large did this policy affect the Meso robots and sellers? None! Although they are loath to get rid of these formerly welcomed methods of leveling up, they'll figure out something and embrace other possible approaches to have it done - Don't forget bots serve to accomplish missions mechanically. It's quite naive and smug for Nexon to wipe out Meso RMT that's already firmly rooted from the game's system by restraining the Meso vendors' accounts overall. As someone prophesied earlier,"Any brutal suppression will be shattered back with severer revolts," it's pretty clear that Nexon's latest restrictions will end in a doomed expansion and observable loopholes for strangling Meso sellers.

There are loads of suggestions alterations towards the shoddy restrictions which were brought up by many Maplers. Here are a number of them classed as the feasible and functional ones offer a creative thread to perform the issues out:Create the Black Market limits only change certain things like onyx or particular categories, instead of affecting the whole market.Make it merely be reduced if there are no level 50 characters on the account, but flip it back to the regular amount if there is at least one level 50 character on such account.Make it you only have to perform the full epic quest on your own very first character, and provide the ability to fast forward epic quest and get a shorter version if it is not your first time.

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