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Simple tips to Process W-2 Form In QuickBooks Payroll

The W-2 is a payroll feature provided to customers by QuickBooks for them to compile and report state and federal information. QuickBooks W-2 feature allows you to definitely go into the required information into a digital form to be submitted into the IRS online. It really is mandatory that you complete and submits the W-2 form if you pay your employee $600 and above yearly. QuickBooks may also assist you to submit the forms to the various tax departments. Below are the steps for how to print W2 in Quickbooks.

Simple tips to Report W-2 Income in QuickBooks
To report your W-2 income in QuickBooks, follow the instructions below.

Enter your QuickBooks account and then click on employees from the menu. Then click on Pay tax forms and W-2s. Then select process payroll forms through the drop-down menu.
Go to select federal forms and then click on ok. Through the menu, choose annual form W-2/W-3 wage and tax statement. Once you've done that, an electric type of the W-2 will soon be displayed.
Go into the particular employee’s data within the fields.
Now input a state tax information if applicable to a state. Fill out the complete required field and proceed.
Review the details you have provided and then click on ok and select submit electronically from the payroll menu to submit the form.
How to Print the W-2 Form in QuickBooks
Below are the steps for how to print W2 in Quickbooks 2016/2017/2018.

Once in the QuickBooks account for printing W2 from Quickbooks, navigate to your payroll tax center and then click from the W-2 menu.
If the employee’s list is not displayed, then click on the view/ print W2 forms for many years tab.
Then click on the preferred employee’s name to open up the Quickbooks W2 forms you want to print. If it refused to open up, press the ctrl and alt key and hold while clicking the W-2 regarding the employee.
When asked, click on the view reprints to incorporate the REISSUED STATEMENT watermark to the form. Then click on continue.
When your reader opens the W-2 form, click on print.
Note: Always remember to print your W-2 form on the right perforated paper (paper with instructions regarding the back).

Best Alternatives to QuickBooks: FreshBooks
Some of the best QuickBooks alternatives obtainable in the market have got all the accounting abilities that smaller businesses need. These alternatives offer a more straightforward approach to using accounting software. FreshBooks could be the award-winning accounting software developed for small businesses, self-employed people and freelancers. FreshBooks allows you to track your projects time, organize your account and send customized invoices to your prospects. This is certainly just a little of many benefits of using FreshBooks as an alternative to QuickBooks. If you want to know How to Create W-2 From QuickBooks  then you can get in touch with our technical team.

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A number of the benefits include:

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Expense management.
FreshBooks works with with mobile software that allows you to keep an eye on your bank account while on the move. Also, it offers you fully functional use of the cloud solution, and thus you rest assured regarding the security of the financial accounts.

With all these benefits, managing your business becomes, and your company gets to where it will when it supposed.

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