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I played with the division for 241 hours, the game is just good for single player and pve co-op, the problem is that the game explains you nothink for pvp,stats, etc.. . Then is a grind to gear up. The pvp is horrible for both balance and gameplay, so it doesnt make sense and you must spend hours upon hours online looking for guides to understand wth is going on. For example: I got the defence classified equipment, maxed out it attained maximal equipment score and people somehow manage to destroy me and my shield in another second. I simply play online pvp in games and that is the only match I could not understand and had to quit after spending 241h attempting to learn it. It is a game allow them to be creative with the game in their way. Why do ya have to be this square with ya imagination? Robots, aliens, robots are equaled by rpg. Now we've got a hundreds of games in this way then ya'll whine about another zombie game or a different battle royale or this sport is copying from diablo or fate so I'm not buying it....make up ya mind. . .listen simply like it if you like it or give it a shot if you feel you may like it, whats the harm outside of 400 hours or more of your life being spent on a game that you might enjoy and not spending more time together with luv ones at the actual world but that's another story... The only thing that disturbs me with those presumed'game play demos' is the fact that the people they have'playing with them' are clearly not the people who actually are controlling the characters. Nobody must even begin to pretend that the prime participant base for any video game just HAPPEN to seem like 4 phone sex operators who just chance to enjoy The Division. Has anyone ever played a match of whatever in which people's voices sounded like they had been coming through a professional walkie-talkie system and just happened to sound this polished? An example would have been to simply have real players play the match and also capture it, instead of choosing these very clear Fan Bait paid Actors. Yes, folks... when you play with the branch, sexy women will speak with you personally and manly, hot sounding guys will provide you medkits... Uh-huh. Sure. Im honestly not enthusiastic at all for this particular game. . .we all know how its The Division 2 Credits everyones likely to realize how dead and incredibly unrealistic this match is, Division are a entirely different game if it functioned with Epic Games or maybe just maybe microsoft but ubisoft is crap and washed up they ALWAYS rush there games and try to complete them months and months after release together with bs dlc's and MANY bug fixes like Division 1 this match is going to collect dust after a couple weeks . Looks like a fantastic expansion but this is a looter shooter and the core is obtaining cool weapons that are unique and looking badass the division is the worst looter shot out there compared to destiny anthem warframe or even borderlands cause here you use real life firearms nothing crazy unique about it you simply seem like a normal human you do not look amazing and you never will like The division 1 a player who only started the match with with 0 play time looks the exact same and uses the same guns as somebody who immobilized 800 hours to the game and of course that the branch has absolutely no interesting lore what it's just another game in the US a real-world city meanwhile matches out there have you kill God's travel through ancient worlds conquer 200 foot tall titans ( which is coming from a place of Love I have personally logged 600 hours at the branch ). Ray Jo Man, you simply repeated the same thing you said before. This game REVOLVES around the concept of a tactical cover to cover looter/shooter. It just matters how you perform it. You might also enter the dark zone to change the game. There's rogues, harder opponents, but it gives you better loot and it is riskier. That is the foundation. Save the World is revolved around a looter/shooter also except you can build and defend objectives. All these are BASES of games. Doesn't mean we need to do exactly the same thing over and over again.