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The heavier you lift, the flatter to the ground your Adidas Ozweego For Sale need to be which is why you don’t want a heel or a lot of cushion. A thick heel makes it difficult for you to keep your weight on your heels, which is one of the most important aspects of effective and proper lifting. Some lifters even wear converse (high top for ankle support) when lifting – or go barefoot! These are a bit bigger (clunkier) than the other shoes but they made up for that in Adidas Arkyn For Sale. I have felt pretty comfortable in these, but they didn’t scream a super yes to me when working out in them. I also wore them to a trip to Disneyland and my feet were killing me by the end. They aren’t necessarily meant for long-distance walking, but now I know not to wear them out for long trips. I love how cute they are, but I still much prefer the Ultra Boost in comparison. I couldn’t find these on the Adidas site, so here is a link to a third party so you can see more closeups of the shoe. Here is the shoe on Adidas’ site but in other color options. I would recommend ordering only from Adidas directly since I can’t verify the credibility of the third party site. I bought these at Adidas Speedfactory For Sale as well, and they were presented to me as a running shoe. If you aren’t familiar with Brooks, typically they are one of the top two brands for running shoes so I was *really* excited to try them out. They did not disappoint. I always felt supported and cushiony, without them feeling too bulky.