SoftPerfect Network Scanner or Netscan is a free IP, NetBIOS and SNMP scanner with a simple interface and many advanced features.  This software is used mainly by system administrators and ordinary users who have a passion for computer security. This program pings machines, scans for active TCP ports and displays the types of shared resources on the network (including system type and hidden type).
CurrPorts lists all the open TCP / IP and UDP ports on your computer. For each port in the list, you will see information about the process that is using it, including the process name, full path, version information (manufacturer, file description, ...), time The process is created and any user created. In addition, CurrPorts allows you to close unwanted TCP ports, stop processes that have opened ports, and store information about TCP / UDP ports in HTML, XML or text files.
Managing multiple computers can be a hassle. Providing remote technical support may be even more confusing. Chrome Remote Desktop will help you solve both of these problems by allowing users to remotely connect to their computer or their friends.
Intel WiDi Remote is a program developed by Intel for the purpose of allowing users to transfer content from a computer and projecting them onto a TV screen without any cables. WiDi is an acronym for Wireless Display , which means that the screen connects wirelessly. The Intel WiDi Remote allows users to project content on a computer screen to a TV with 1080p resolution and 5.1 audio output.
Myproxy instantly increases the speed of Internet access, saves your Internet costs and makes surfing more enjoyable. To accomplish this, a sequence of functions is added to the software: pausing ads, pop-up blocker, cache, money and traffic recorders, Dialer, dial-up connection between computers in your LAN.