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by on September 17, 2019

For strikers, you may want to set your height slightly taller than last year -- approximately 6ft 2" is that our preference. Based on your playstyle, your weight must drop everywhere from 152lbs to 198lbs, with the latter  FIFA Coins 20 suiting more bodily players.

There are loads of ways to personalise your striker in the Player Traits screen. Finishing and shot power would be the most important stats to equip from the off, while agility and dribbling will also be crucial for this place. Add additional strength or speed depending upon your style, whilst curve departure (which also affects shooting) enhances your ability to place swerve on the ball.

Any participant who is unavailable to buy in the opening transfer window of the game's Career Mode has been discounted, so you won't find anybody here who won't sign straight away if you offer  buy Fut 20 Coins the right amount.

Speaking of cash, we have attempted to give you an notion of how much every player should price, although do remember that you may be able to get them for less by including sell-on clauses from the offer. Waiting in the wings in the San Siro, however, is 18-year-old Alessandro Plizzari.

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