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Although few games happen to be tried, the robbery action RPG and tower defense are home equity loans forced actions that destroy the mouse. But on September 6, the Path of Exile is working together with Blight, the “union” expansion in the “out-of-war” next quarter, and also the popular free dungeon crawling of Grinding Gear Games. Like all previous leagues, Blight is usually a free update which brings new systems with wrestling, robbery along with a strange hybrid tower defense mode - for anyone willing to take up a new role, there you have it.

In the upcoming Blight Alliance, players will discover a small tower defense mission in each area. The latest plague showing up in the cursed POE Items Wraeclast continent is usually a fungal infection, the only real treatment (by the new NPC Cassia sister) is usually to attach a large siphon on the fungal cyst to squeeze out their mushroom oil. Yum. This process doesn't take a long time - it takes merely a minute or two to bloom every time - but waves of monsters will rush for the spreading fungus tendrils to help prevent you.

When referring to grinding gear head Chris Wilson, he explained until this is still the first path to exile, the next tower defense. You will still run wildly and slash monsters as quickly as possible. But you can find too many front lines to handle yourself, to place much different damage treatment and disease-inducing towers on the tendril path over the monster. The goal is usually to use towers to quit and weaken them to rush directly into complete them. As the Blight encounter gets to be more complex, you will have to cope with more tendrils concurrently.

Why is this fact all? Plunder and experience, nature. Every roll you successfully defend must develop a treasure chest at the end with the encounter. The fungus extractor spits out many different special oils that Cassia sisters can use to Buy POE Orbs smear your jewelry. The two essential oils around the ring give you the gain to your tower defense (pure additive upgrade), as well as the combination with the three essential oils, may use the maze-like passive skills to offer the amulet and "obvious" passive skills - even your character Will be able to access.

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