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by on September 3, 2019

You always stand in 1 place, fight one guy, and find out who can click through an inventory menu quicker. You're also required to craft or purchase consumables inorder to Rs gold stand a opportunity. There is no level scaling, so unless you're near max level, whichever participant has grinded for longer will always win.

OSRS is merely a skinnerbox, designed to suck as much time out of it's players as possible, so that they continue paying JAGEX their inflated subscription fees for far longer than they ought to. It is a trap designed to plead on those who are easily hooked on the drip-feed of dopamine of it.

It is not for everyone, accurate that. It is the specific same manner which buy coins for old school runescape Stardew Valley is a phenomally game that is magnificent, but not for everybody. Stardew valley has exactly the same"grind" pretty much, but it does not make it a bad game. 

And"overpowered equipment hidden behind arbitrarily low fall rates" What can you mean lol, a twisted bow is around 2Billion OSRS gold, and that is around $1500(?) , that is very fcking expensive for something which apparently has a"very low" drop speed.

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