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by on July 13, 2019


I absolutely love PoEmap website, however, with increasing traffic, this will likely just become the same shitshow map buying is. I highly doubt the computer  POE Currency can handle the main player base. You can already understand the problem if you press start and have whispers from 20people by two a second. If the exact combination you'll need is not available, you've still got to fight these 20 other individuals for every new player queuing up.

Still miles much better than normal trade, we only should let GGG off the hook prematurely.

User Dreamytje's think it won't be as bad since you describe so that it is. A big debate that is unquestionably a shitshow is really because the API, where people message you for the item that you have sold like sixty minutes earlier.

Here you need to manually perform the process, certain that you don't press the STOP button it'll keep listing you but I think it won't be that big of any problem.

What one personally do is I list the stuff I want/have and I'll either wait for a response through the existing listers or whenever a new lister happens I'll message him. That way there's the littlest chance for me to  Buy POE Currency message those who are already within a trade.

Matchmaking have you get a single trade that you will need to accept without crossovers could be nice. After you finish the trade you click a button and obtain the next trade, if your other person doesn't answer your trade request it is possible to decline it and as well get the following trade. If a person gets declined a lot of time, they got unlisted before the manually join the queue again.


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