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by on September 2, 2019

Than just as a one off RuneScape gold We have had four years of constant growth now.RuneScape doesn't get as much media as a few of the other big online names. Mansell posits that its lack of Steam does not help. He says that the game would be sitting around fifth or sixth on the Steam most played games list, and he expects to maintain the game's


expansion with the introduction of a mobile edition.The two RuneScape and Old School are closed beta on cellular. We'll get at least one of these out this past year. Old School is most likely to come , because it is a far simpler UX experience. Along with the technology is fundamentally simpler. They're testing really well.Mansell


expects the cellular editions will enlarge RuneScape beyond its existing users, and pull lapsed players back in.When this comes out on mobile I am coming back' And the reason is... they're not PC gamers anymore. They've not got so long plus their lifestyles have changed.What we're hoping is that many of these players can return in-


touch with RuneScape. They could play it a bit more like a lifestyle buy OSRS gold game. You can have fun in five or ten minutes with RuneScape. You don't need to play with for hours. It is a really flexible open world.Another advantage is that, unlike discharging a new RPG on cellular, where you have got to learn the sport and begin from scratch,


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