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by on July 12, 2019

The Age of Heroes refers to the time that started about 10,000 years pre-Game of Thrones if the First Men and the Children of the Forest active a alliance that brought accord amid them. That time lasted about 4,000 years, and included the architecture of the Wall and Winterfell by Stark antecedent Bran the Builder, and aswell included the war adjoin the White Walkers and the Long Night, which is aswell Martin's advancement for the appellation of the show.

The Long Night was a winter that lasted an absolute bearing and accustomed the White Walkers to alight from the arctic into Westeros, and it was the appellation of the adventure that featured the added contempo war adjoin the White Walkers, so we're absolutely in for a accomplished lotta ice zombies  in this new series.

While the appearance is currently filming in Northern Ireland, which is aswell area Game of Thrones generally shot, we apperceive appealing abundant annihilation about who any of those actors are playing, so maybe one of them is an aboriginal Stark. Who knows?!

All we absolutely apperceive about the adventure the prequel is cogent so far is that it "chronicles the world's coast from the aureate age of Heroes into its darkest hour," and "only one affair is for sure: from the appalling secrets of Westeros's history to The accurate agent of the white walkers, the mysteries of the East to the Starks of's not the adventure we anticipate we know."

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