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The continued accessible is accessible from September 5th to November 26th. It is purchased anon in the Rocket League in barter for 10 keys.70 items of cosmetics are offered as able-bodied as xp boost, decrypters, amateur banners and titles. Ceremony account is apart if you canyon an added level. The endure 10 levels will activity you one of the antecedent 70 items, but this time in "painte" version.

These items are changeable and Psyonix reveals that it takes about a hundred hours to alleviate aggregate in beneath than 3 months. For a lot of players who accept little play time, it is accessible to access the levels of the Rocket Canyon by affairs them at the assemblage amount of a Nevertheless, there is a chargeless adaptation of the Rocket Canyon which offers alone 29 items If you buy the Rocket Canyon later, the apart levels in chargeless adaptation will be transferred to the paid adaptation and you will accept all the items agnate to your progress.

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