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by on June 12, 2019


Yahoo email account lets you connect with your contacts and maintain the professional as well as personal relationship via emails. It should be used for important conversations but not for spamming. Sending or receiving spams, both are equally problematic and thus should be stopped immediately. Yahoo Support Phone Number will help you manage spam related issue via phone or remote access. 

If you are also searching for manual ways of how to stop from getting spam, you are at the right place. Here we will be discussing the spam can be controlled by blocking the spam-sending email accounts.

Though, Yahoo automatically checks for the spam emails and store them directly to the “Spam” folder without letting you see, if you are still getting spam, you can check the unwanted spam, using the below-given ways:

  • Mark the email address as spam or you can report it
  • Block the email address from which you are receiving continuous spam
  • Add the email address to the spam address and you will not receive any message from that account afterward.

Steps to block an email address in Yahoo:

  • Open your Yahoo mail account and go to Settings
  • Open the settings menu and select blocked address and then type the email address. 
  • At last, click on the block.

You can even mark the email as spam on Yahoo, using the inbuilt filter feature. To mark it as spam, do the following:

  • Choose one or more emails you think to be spam
  • Now click and hold the email for a time being
  • Choose More icons option
  • Tap on Mark as spam image of the Spam menu
  • Now, the email will be a move to the spam folder.

Yahoo Customer Support Number is another way using which you can handle spam emails in your Yahoo mailbox. You can directly reach the experts via toll-free Yahoo Phone Number and get the most effective solution.

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