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The intricacies of the construct are a bit interesting also. Your ascendancies will probably be Slayer, beginning from Pathfinder, and the Duelist place. Slayer is very important for your own Overleech. This means that our leech effects do not turn off PoE currency when we are at full life, meaning that, if we get hit hard in between packs, we will still snap back up to complete even if we've been stunned or didn't respond in time.

This is only made better by Vaal Pact, Vitality Void, and Hematophagy. The amount you're able to leech much increases, to the point where you're getting around 60 percent of your life per second. Here's the tree, for many nodes.

The last bit of leech pushing up to the 80% threshold is PoE goods something that I consider really interesting. The construct runs Blood Rage in any way times-- The damage is offset by our Overleech, do not worry. It also runs When Fixing Taken and Immortal Telephone, which means when people take a bang we become immune to all damage for a short period, Cast.

This Pantheon provides us 50% increased life recovery rate (like leech) whenever we've stopped taking damage with time recently. Damage over time. Which is harm, so it stops for a second each time invisibly Telephone procs. That's right, taking a bang signifies our leech goes up exponentially for four moments, making us tankier than when we need it most.

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