by on January 11, 2019


Wow... lots of people think the xp dream is unappealing...
still I gotta ask, exactly why do you must go to 100? most builds are complete at 85-90 this alteration affects nothing on most players acording on the data they get from each league...

sure I desire someday reaching 100 but I know I Buy POE Currency would just die from something very silly and never see through somewhere between 95-97.

on a much more positive note vulnerability is phys only! hurray! now give you a similar treatment to enfeeble and possibly I will not put it to use in every build!

Yes, the vaal pact keystone is often a great dream :D
Hope you intend to change how reflect works too so Buy POE Orbs that it's not instant.

These include the 2 most character breaking designs up to now :) Now we are able to enjoy much more build diversity :D

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