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by on February 13, 2020

Wow classic gold has introduced the Maul Dungeon. Dire Maul is surrounded within three wings. Players may go if all they're after is just some fun while earning profit along the way explore the early corridors. However, for people who want more powerful rewards and buffs, they move and could try after the ogre tribe.

In this guidewe take a closer look at this brand new dungeon, especially a few of the rewards that await.Before we go off to the guide, let us look a bit at the lore. The Maul was constructed thousands of years ago with the intent of housing kaldorei's arcane key. 

But with the formerly Eldre'Thalas lying in ruins, it is currently writhing with warped forces. In the past many covens fought to control the power of Dire Maul, but they have since agreed to enter into uneasy truces. The covens have consented to exploiting the power in their territories instead of fighting through the whole dungeon.

The Dire Maul has 16 Bosses and it's recommended that players be at least level 55 to guarantee a higher chance of success, while the degree range is 54-60. If you're not ready, since it is a dungeon do not go gold in wow classic into Dire Maul. If you want to make it through all three limbs, you have to get a fantastic team.As mentioned, once you enter Dire Maul, there are a lot of challenges for players to undertake to make interesting rewards.

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