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by on January 16, 2020

We noticed that AI defences (especially on Legendary difficulty) are more difficult to break down this year, and according to EA, have benefited from FUT Coins positioning and locomotion upgrades. In reference to your team, however, user is defined to be more effective than AI. EA Sports have corrected this FIFA 19 feedback, and even though we sampled an early build, players already look more consistent at regaining the ball after a successful user handle.

There's additional depth to set-pieces in FIFA 20, specifically in the event of free-kicks and penalties. We're still getting the hang of free-kicks, which need a reticle to maneuver and use the stick to add modifiers like top-spin along with also the knuckleball shot. Penalties are straightforward. A reticle still moves, however the circle around it gets bigger determined by how much electricity you go for, and there are timing elements to it. These mechanics also boast a few new run-up animations.

Obviously, EA are still tinkering with attributes leading up to release. For instance, Sam Rivera notes attacking strength is another important focus for the team at present,"to ensure players like Edinson Cavaniplayers like Harry Kane, can also be useful in the game but in another way." To aid with this, they're continuing to solicit feedback from different FIFA players. Rivera acknowledges the series' growing civilization that is eSports is playing a remarkable part in the evolution of the game.

"Every time once we develop the buy FIFA Mobile Coins game, we consider all groups of players -- pro players, new players, casual players, [and] hardcore players that are not necessarily pro players. And obviously, once features are designed by us, we consider all of them.

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