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by on January 15, 2020

Two weeks ago, Chung"Bltizchung" Ng Wai, a Hearthstone pro player from Hong Kong participating in Blizzard's official Grandmasters series, made a statement in classic wow gold support of the city's pro-democracy protesters throughout a post-match interview. He was quickly banned from competition for a year and dropped all his prize money. Inexplicably, the 2 casters who informed him were prohibited by Blizzard. It then remained quiet for a week as a tumult of anger and disquiet within the decision built on the web.

Blizzard accused of putting profit before values and was known as an enemy of freedom of speech. With their Blizzard accounts being deleted by many A boycott movement started, and even Blizzard staff whined. Tellingly, this was one of very few gambling controversies with a social and political dimension to combine both liberal and reactionary groups of gamers.

When Blizzard finally did comment, late on the Fridayit relented a little, halving the bans to six months and restoring Blitzchung's prize money. However, it doubled down on its position his statement lacked contest rules and the casters had neglected to prevent him - and insisted that"our relationships in China had no effect on our choice."

But no choice is made from circumstance, and boy is there some circumstance to deal with here.

The Chinese gambling market is enormous, yet poses severe challenges to any market that is Western. There is regulation and censorship and all games need a Chinese organization. Blizzard has a history in China than many. Its games have been ideal to the PC café culture there, and it worked hard to buy gold wow classic eu get an early foothold. World of Warcraft was a massive hit in this MMO-mad marketplace, but its early years were troubled: there was a change of local operator and regulatory approval for those expansions took forever.

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