by on November 10, 2018

I do not spend less on maplestory2 MS and'm considered underfunded, but I get around it. There are a number of really wonderful MS players out there that will help you too. I tend to NPC most stuff due to Maplestory M Mesos  hating the free sector. Just start looking for some people around and talk to them.

You would be suprised that they may assist you..or even invite you to their guild. I had same problem as you. Then someone out of my guild basically gave me bad"CRA" equips. Now all I need are the pants and I got the whole set. In the meantime, I hope fighting GOLLUX too for his rings and such. I'm also doing Commerci ship quests for your sweetwater items. You might consider trying for these too.

There was also a poster that made a list awhile back about how to Maple Story 2 Mesos find some good equips. He drops adequate face accessory/eye accessory.

Fight ordinary horntail. He drops a wonderful ring.Monster park will have alot of drops inside. Try playing for a set of items which you can either sell or use yourself.level 150 ghost boat has best badge in sport, so do this questline.Get alot of reward points to use cubes, hammers, and stuff to update equips.take advantage of occasions. They occasionally have good items.Don't be afraid to update current equips in the event that you believe you going to have them long time.


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