by on November 9, 2018

Lawbringer is currently at 6th place , up 4 places from Fortnite items Season 5. Having a 51% success rate, the long arm of the legislation is pulling ahead. It's possible this is, as mentioned previously, as a result of his high counter-attacking potential. Ubisoft also notes his shove-on-block ability makes him stand to gain far more with all the current bug. The dev team will be keeping a watch on him seeing how the bug fix affects For Honor gameplay for the not too distant future.

PK has seen some better days. Considered among the strongest heroes from the sport for many times, this one tones her down considerably. Her heavy attacks now deal less harm. The insect also greatly affects reaction to Cheap fortnite materials her quick attacks. Her performance is lower than expected for Season 6.

Orochi's recent rework helps his triumph rate by a fair margin here. He is also quite the favorite option, with lots of finding success in both duels and other For Honor game modes.

Poor Valk. Ubisoft recently reworked her character, stating it's too early to generate a clear choice on where she stands. The data shows that her triumph speed has improved, although many -- such as the dev group -- feel like her rework needs some tweaking. They are keeping a close watch on this particular hero for the time being.

Gladiator isn't acting as well as expected, despite his insatiable appetite for human feet. They feel like his Zone assault ought to be earning him more wins.


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