by on November 8, 2018

Also please consider revisiting some old chase uniques which were hit a touch too hard with all the nerf bat like Mjolner and Voltaxic Rift by way of example.

Thanks for cSeriously, that of a line of BS.

Do there is an same "considerations" when creating draconian, build killing nerfs? Do you rework your entire mechanic on the ground up? NO!

You just axe things into your dirt, however talk about needing to rework the bottom of the game for buffs no time. LMFAO!

Game diversity? Seriously?

And because of this , I'm not putting another dime into POE Trade supporting the bingo. The Corporate back peddling and lies are putrid.

Communicating and paying attention to feedback (even on the unreasonably angry people), pleased to support provided that that never changes.

Buffing things indirectly by nerfing them and including  Cheap POE Currency a niche item to then "help" is just how Diablo 3 balances their game.

 Please, PLEASE, don't do that product use that excuse. I mean, it's far too late, you recently did. But stop.

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