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The Bengals have become banged up going to the last two weeks of year and have been to the last few brutal losses too. It seems as if it can get even worse together with the news that Andre Smith was placed on IR and Cedric Ogbuehi isn’t practicing after being injured the other day, too. For a final two weeks of the year, it isn’t even clear who the Bengals are going to be starting at offensive tackle. With  Madden NFL Mobile Coins this under consideration, it could honestly not be considered a bad idea to begin AJ McCarron to hold Andy Dalton from getting destroyed. However, it doesn’t seem like which is going to get the case therefore we are about to just should hope he'll stay healthy and unharmed.

How will Sunday’s game go? We loved Madden to simulate the Bengals vs Lions matchup.
The Bengals start the action receiving the ball and  Buy Madden NFL Mobile Coins find a good return from Alex Erickson towards the 35. They get started by running the ball along with the Lions can’t stop it. Dalton attempts a pass, even so the pressure very quickly gets to him and its particular incomplete. The Bengals carry on and successfully run the ball down area of and get within field goal range. However, the drive stalls if the Lions send extra blitzers. The Bengals attempt an area goal, yet it's tragically blocked and returned for the touchdown by Miles Killebrew.


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