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Am I really supposed to trust that Walker’s awareness (90) is a great deal better than Eifert’s (85) so it warrants a three-point overall jump for Walker? Over the course of these respective careers, Eifert has caught 69 percent in the passes thrown  Madden NFL Mobile Coins his way and Walker just has caught 63 percent. Walker is older and, therefore, considerably more experienced than Eifert. But, I just don’t think that shows that should result within a three-point discrepancy between the 2 main players.
Other highly-rated Bengals
Kevin Zeitler, RG, 89 overall
Vontaze Burfict, ROLB, 88 overall
Carlos Dunlap, LE 88 overall
Adam Jones, CB, 88 overall
Andy Dalton, QB, 87 overall
Giovani Bernard, HB, 86 overall
One on the Bengals’ biggest jumps in overall rating in 2010 was Andy Dalton’s. In Madden 16, his 80 overall rating became a result of your up and down 2014 season that's seen, on the time, for being how things  Buy Madden NFL Mobile Coins chose him. But, a breakout 2015 season before injuring his thumb in Week 14 had him within the MVP discussion. The Madden ratings adjusted accordingly, placing him squarely because the No. 9 best quarterback from the NFL behind Andrew Luck (88) and prior to Tony Romo (86).


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