by on September 26, 2018

Many people have voiced their appreciation with how problems are handled in a timely method. The Live Chat and the GM's who help with the tickets go out of the way to help fix issues, and answer questions, and assist players. Well, I'm not satisfied. And I'm not the sort of man who bashes on maplestory without a reason.

Since Shade came out, I haven't been able to Maplestory2 Mesos make any new ghost personality. Between the Beast Tamer and Shade launch, they ended up altering the character name filter to never allow "ghost". I've sent in a ticket, I have talked to GMs, I've reached out to the MLC about this, but nothing has been done on it for the past year. It's frustrating because even a fair programmer could fix this matter. It is not that is something difficult to accomplish, it's that there's someone at the company that's saying no to fix this.

I know customer service doesn't make all the decisions, but I wonder whether they are actually passing down exactly what the players want in individual tickets such as these. I just hate how such a simple and consequence-free request is that usually means a whole lot to the player is needing whatever reason. Customer support might not be the one to blame buy Maplestory M Mesos, but my anger is blinding me to some stage where I can't be happy with any component of Nexon.

P.S. To provide more insight , ever since I start playing maple almost 9 decades ago, I have always created a personality using it suffix as "ghost", and I've made a lot of characters since I began. For Nexon to filter the name out makes me feel as though I have been prohibited to create any new characters. And in a way I am letting that occur by refusing to create new characters before that is fixed. So this isn't only a "it would be nice if Nexon did so" MapleStory request to me, it's something that means a great deal for me. I would love to make a Shade and also a Kinesis this winter (not to forget all of the NX I would spend if I be in a position to earn those characters).

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