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YANGON Jamie Benn Canada Jersey , Sept. 19 (Xinhua) -- European countries will launch a film festival in Myanmar next week as part of its efforts to boost cultural exchange with the Southeast Asian nation, the Embassy of Switzerland said here on Friday.


Organized by embassies of Switzerland, France, Ireland and Israel, French Culture and Language Department Jake Muzzin Canada Jersey , British Council and German Culture and Language Department, the 23rd European film festival will take place in Yangon from Sept. 25 to Oct. 5.


During the 11-day film festival, a total of 10 movies in various genres from six European countries and Israel will be screened.


These films include Der Verdingbub (Switzerland), Das Finstere Tal(Germany), Philomena (United Kingdom) Guy Lafleur Canada Jersey , Ondine(Ireland), Camille Rewinds(France), Mine Vaganti (Italy), Footnote (Israel), Les Petites Fugues(Switzerland) Duncan Keith Canada Jersey , Tales of the Night (France) and Sound of Heimat (Germany).The last 22nd European film festival involving seven European countries was also held in the commercial city in September 2013.


The European film festival was held annually in Yangon.


Working as a personal fitness trainer is a wonderful way to make added income, despite the fact that your routine will only permit you to work part time. Three groups who are realising growing success as part time fitness professionals are students, stay at home parents, and the retired.


Personal Training Part Time During School


Many students find it difficult to arrange a part-time job around their regularly changing class schedules. At best, they generally find themselves doing work for pennies on campus or in the bottom rung of the retail industry. Personal training certification lets them to have influence over the amount and arrangement of their work schedules. They can work for short chunks of time when it’s practical and make a significantly higher income in the process!


Fitness training is an excellent answer for many college students. Not merely does it give them a great reason to stay fit while in school Drew Doughty Canada Jersey , it can also be a good chance to meet other students and network with individuals in a range of fields. Coaching fitness classes part-time will improve their college experience because it places them in the role of a leader and exposes them to a vast selection of people, each of which will aid them in whichever job they will pursue after graduating. What’s more, studies reveal that companies look more favorably upon students who adopt the added responsibility of being employed while at school, especially if their jobs incorporate the universally valued skill of coaching others.


Fitness Training Part-Time for Stay at Home Parents


Mothers and fathers who have got duties at home caring for their children may find it exceedingly challenging to reenter the workforce without surrendering their time with their kids. Whether they have been stay-at-home moms and dads for many years, or only just decided to abandon their careers to raise their children Dan Hamhuis Canada Jersey , numerous parents notice themselves becoming fairly stuck, as their autonomy and activity schedule is determined solely by the needs of their kids. If they want to start working again, their alternatives are usually limited to full time employment, and thus necessitating they abandon their child-rearing obligations to relatives or a nanny, or part time work in the retail or service industries Dale Hawerchuk Canada Jersey , which have difficult hours and limited compensation.


Being employed as certified fitness professionals will provide them much greater flexibility when building their schedules, in addition to a chance at a substantially higher payday. What’s more, they’ll interact with other adults and get regular exercise which will inevitably help them keep up with their kids at home! With the right personal training certification, they might even modify their focus as a fitness professional to work with other parents, thereby helping them develop their new social circle in a mutually useful direction!


Fitness Coaching Part-Time After Retiring


After putting the main career of their life behind them Corey Perry Canada Jersey , many retired people feel the need to begin working again, in a part time quantity. Regardless if this decision is stimulated by a need for money or simply a drive to remain active and deal with the boredom that may come with retirement, fitness training could be the ideal lifestyle for them.


Normally, when retirees search for part-time employment, they must select between low level retail work or jobs working in the hospitality and service industries. Each of these forms of employment typically pay around minimum wage and can be very physically demanding Corey Crawford Canada Jersey , generally leading to repetitive-strain injuries. While working as a fitness expert will definitely push them physically, the ability to perform exercises at their own pace will enhance their health and strength while working to reduce injuries which can be more likely in later periods of life.


Not only can personal training certification enable them to maintain healthy bodies, it can help to keep their brains stimulated, as they interact with and guide other people. Many personal trainers older than fifty treasure the ability not only to keep in shape, but also to help their friends and community enhance their own wellness!


While many fitness professionals choose to make personal training their life’s work and work full time Claude Giroux Canada Jersey , a growing number of fitness coaches do their work strictly part-time around the many other priorities in their lives. Not simply do these part-time coaches stand to gain much more income than they would in more standard part-time jobs, they will have distinct access to niche markets in which their knowledge will be particularly valued!


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