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Building on the success of the design, Bandai has not silly and launched a series of games that adapted the franchise. Digimon World 2  was one of those titles that tried to ride the sudden fame of the animation. The game  Digimon Masters Online Tera featured several innovations that surprised all the fans of the series, especially in the battle system and the choice of partners. But many did not like the change and played in the limbo of gray tijol?o titles. And you, what was your opinion? Read our matter and opine with us.
There is no talk of Digimon games without remembering the fateful second title. I believe Digimon World 2  income heated discussions today. The reason is simple: the second game of the series has brought significant changes, especially in heavily criticized by fans of aspects first . However, many consider that these changes have gone too far, turning it into something  Digimon Masters Tera that escapes the essence of the franchise.
The video above speaks for itself: one of the main changes was the battle system. Change I was begging, tell the way. Too bad some aspects were not so happy as well, especially in the environment and the way you interacted with him.


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