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The third beta weekend of Tera has ended, even so the US publisher En Masse supplies the fans continue with numerous specifics about the upcoming online role-playing game. In a new trailer for "Temple of Temerity" we have a good go through the upcoming level 59 instance.

Already on the Game Developers Conference we're able to get a first think about the new Endgame instance "Temple of Temerity" Tera throw. In addition, has Publisher En Masse - now also released a trailer video that Tera Gold responds on the different phases from the dungeon - in charge with the US Tera release. Over twenty minutes of playing time, you should defend an artifact against numerous waves of enemies. The level 59 instance that is certainly designed for five players adequately requires skill and team coordination whilst getting stronger monsters approaching the anchored inside the center artifact.

Developed by Bluehole Studio MMORPG Tera will likely be released in Europe on May 3, 2012 Frogster the united states takes over the manufacturer's job. With us you can find your connection inside the trailer as well as the Cheap Tera Gold gameplay video with the GDC to "Temple of Temerity". In addition, you can enjoy on the official website of Tera for an additional closed sign beta weekend , which begins on 30 March 2012 and also take a consider the upcoming online role-playing game Tera.

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