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Do we not get any reward for hitting 70 on our account?

The only accessory I have been using is often a Red Tri-core. I want for getting a raid Ring, Necklace, and Earring. From what I read about the Wiki, the Flame and Aural Earrings are 3 options plus the  Digimon Masters Online Gold Radiant Earring is 4 options. Should I go for that radiant or follow one of one other two? Also apparently you may get the Miracle Earring with Seasonal Vouchers, but I think it might take long to earn that numerous. Would it be cheaper to instead, invest in a regular version from the accessories and utilize number change stones to improve it?
Price check into all the different accessories? I don't want to obtain suckered.
I got 2 Wormmon on the toy agumon event, however they both scanned 3/5. Does he drop through the Arena eggs too? I've opened like 40 virus eggs from your arena nevertheless haven't seen him. Or should I just hatch the 3/5 and growth fruit it to 125%. I hear he's a fantastic farming digimon because of his attack speed.
I got a 5/5 Agumon on the last event that I am leveling up right this moment along using a 5/5 Gabumon through the arena. I can use them with the Jogress? All I have right now is usually a 99 Beelzemon BM  DMO Gold and also a lvl 77 Crainiumon. I've got a whole lot of Lv 5 eggs stored during my warehouse, but none ones are Jogress digi. I have Hawkmon and Salamon Jogress, but unfortunately these are both 3/5... I do have a very 5/5 Soulmon, which I was told can be a good digimon line.
When should I start attempting dungeons? Should I just keep leveling my digimon?
Thanks with the help.


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