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Starting tomorrow, TERA players in Europe is able to earn special rewards just from playing and leveling up their characters. Called the League of Levelers, case is scheduled running from 08:00 CEST September 19th until 08:00 CEST October 10th.

TERA League of Levelers

Players planning to participate in the wedding need only to Buy Tera Gold level up their characters while they normally would. But by doing this during the duration of the wedding, they’ll manage to earn additional special rewards, just by doing their jobs.

The rewards for the big event are organized into tiers, using the first starting as soon as level two. After that, players must work a little harder to arrive at the next milestone, even so the rewards will probably be all that much more interesting. Level 65 may also get players a total Ambush set and also some jewelry items, but only if you're able to make it there before the wedding ends on October 10th.

These rewards are going to be delivered through in game mail system. One other thing to notice is that individuals could only earn the leveling rewards once per class per server. Furthermore, the Adventurer’s Equipment Box that comes from reaching level 10 is loaded with some time-sensitive items. If players don’t use the products up prior to a end of the wedding on October 10th, they’ll disappear forever in the abyss.

So if you’ve been contemplating starting a whole new class or getting a break from TERA, now’s the best time to Buy Tera Gold PS4 get into it. For the more information on the presentation, such as the level tiers and details about the prizes, visit the game’s official EU website.

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