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"He's been huge," Goff added. "He's been the size of anybody within this team. Take everything he does on Sundays away, many experts have truly impressive seeing him day in and day trip -- just how he works, just how he brings guys along. His attitude daily and just how he communicates beside me is impressive. I'm willing to have him, and I know he's thrilled to be here."

Goff is willing to have each the former Buffalo Bills receivers. Watkins scored with Buy Madden Coins , 7 days after hauling within a 67-yard bomb from Goff. Over the last two games, Goff has thrown six of his seven touchdown passes to Woods and Watkins. When targeting the two throughout the year, Goff is completing 66 percent of his passes and averaging 10.9 yards per attempt while accumulating eight touchdowns and zero interceptions.

But it's Woods that is seeing the largest workload. He leads the Rams in targets (57) and receptions (39), and the man easily leads in receiving yards (622).

Watkins is a great one with it.

"It's fun," said Watkins, who's got 21 catches for 372 yards and four touchdowns. "My job is very easy. Everything is this is not on me want it was in Buffalo. I'm around just playing, enjoying yourself, running routes, blocking."

Woods, 25, supported the Rams' offense each time when few others did. The L.A. product and former USC star made a decision to return home being a free agent, joining the Rams by signing a five-year, $34 million contract can be he could. Woods began using the services of Goff immediately, catching passes from him at high schools and colleges at the Rams' facility prior to the start of the offseason enter in early April.

The email address particulars are playing on the field.

Over his last five games, Woods has hauled in 27 of 37 targets for 436 yards. His last two games are actually two of the top of his career.

"It seamless comfort, having the capacity to come to a different team and contribute, join in on a winning team," said Woods, whose new team is 7-2 and leading the NFL in point differential. "But really it is simply working hard with one of Madden Coins for sale these guys and being released and seeing it pay back on Sundays is the most significant thing, because we've worked hard because of it. We've been working since summer, and finally clicking."

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