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EA Sports knocked out of the park (no pun intended) during its brief stint with baseball rights. The company produced the middling Triple Play series from 1996-2002. But it was with all the MVP branding that EA made its best baseball games, it had from Cheap Madden Coins .

This culminated in MVP Baseball 2005, the last installment with the franchise, that's widely thought to be the best modern baseball gaming ever made. It featured Manny Ramirez within the cover, plus a myriad of options that made gameplay great.

There was dynasty mode, which featured a fairly realistic game experience, and owner mode, which permitted you to manage the day-to-day business operations of your MLB franchise. On top of that, EA Sports also gave us the graceful controls, solid graphics (for the time, a minimum of), and gameplay options, which included a roster of Cheap Madden 19 Coins to unlock.

MVP died an untimely death prior to the 2006 season, when MLB signed a selective third-party agreement with 2K. But that hasn’t stopped a number of people from continuing on while using game. Some avid MVP Baseball fans keep making roster updates for the experience, so fans may use today’s players in yesterday’s baseball game.

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