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Eliana Iris
by on May 20, 2019


AT&T is one of the oldest email service providers and renowned for providing world-class email and other web-based services. The users who are more concerned about security while choosing an email account, mostly prefer AT&T email services. Moreover, the platform-wide compatibility adds extra starts to its performance. It can be used on any OS and device very easily. Either you can log in using a web browser or configure it on your device for more convenient access to your email account.

AT&T has collaborated with Yahoo to enhance the reach of its email services. Thus, AT&T has now become accessible to iPhone users also, with an easy configuration step. All you need is to provide the email address, and account password, and else will be handled by the iPhone itself. More getting a detailed information dial AT&T customer service number.

Here are the steps to sync the AT&T email account with iPhone:

1. Go to the iPhone settings which is accessible through the home screen.

2. Choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and then select “Add account” to add your AT&T webmail account

3. Tap on “Yahoo” button and provide your name, email address, password, and description.

4. Now, choose “Save” and then press “home” button to access the Home screen.

5. Next, swipe the home screen from left to right, till you can find the Mail icon. Now click “Mail” to launch the application.

In case you find yourself unable to perform the above-given steps, calling AT&T support number can help you perform the sync in no time. The number will connect you with the team of AT&T professionals who will guide through the synchronization and provide you the best solution to the technical hindrances which are keeping you to complete the process.

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