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by on May 16, 2019

I began playing in buy MLB 19 Stubs and I have noticed that whoever owns second or third base would seem to take forever to plant the tag. When you understand the ball got there before the runner. So I hope they looked at that in addition to the other animations. It would also be cool if great defense was detected a bit more like in the previous MLB The Show's.

buy stubs mlb the show 19 hitting was terrible the ball moves through the violin. . The fielding animations required so long the base runners run around the basses before your player gets ready to throw the ball which took forever online it was a nightmare. . The throws to the plate were so offline 90% of the time I believed it was a little league team playing . The pick offs were dreadful id pick of a runner and also my very first baseman would step BACK (WTF) to grab the ball and also no label!!!! Horrible . . Line drives go through your fielders that are out I will keep going. They will need to resolve all that before including players now who are gont overlook the ball even more now!!! Really !!! My self just depressed.

Still waiting for one of these sports game developers to add 3 group transactions lol. I am fond of RTTS but franchise style requires some work. I have seen some comments going about stating"2020 is the year for franchise" why do we have to wait another entire year lol. Team re-location, ballpark creator or personalization would be fine. Or transactions for cash would also be fine... better overall audience excitement or animations. When you make homerun or a significant hit. Crowd appears lifeless you may as well not have them in the sport.

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