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by on April 19, 2019


    “Rather than running self-contained individual races, we’ve now structured the events into seasons. Season One starts a few days ago (February 23, NZ time) and runs for over six or seven weeks (until April 7, NZ time). There are prizes for top-placing people in each race, prizes for folks who achieve good results for the set of events in a very season and prizes for many who finish in the top POE Currency in the realm overall in the given season. Seasons of races help encourage players to experiment with in multiple events and let us to produce prizes that transcend individual events – giving players something meaningful and special to operate towards over a few days or weeks.”
However, as GG highlights, this system quite definitely favors players who’ve got tons of time to kill – besides, you recognize, monsters. But it’s you cannot assume all bad news. “We’ve pitched the prizes so that you will find still cool what you should win whether or not you could only play in a single event a week,” the developer noted.
In the longer term, leagues can even expand to encompass a variety of various secondary factors. While solo, party, and turbo will be the main options on the moment, Burning Ground or Blood Magic are from  Path of Exile Currency the discussion for future events.
So yes, this sounds worth it to read. And, providing that you’ve got a reliable handle on Path of Exile’s ins-and-outs, you'll be able to hop in. Honestly, developers of both ARPGs and F2P games generally speaking could figure to crib some notes with this setup. I doubt it’ll stop entirely with out a hitch, nevertheless the philosophy behind it can be a very promising one. So then, who’s gonna have a very go at the initial season?


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