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Daisy Mariah
by on May 9, 2019

Printers have always been proved useful in making everyday work easier and convenient. HP is considered one of the top companies that provide printing devices. This brand has always been the top choice of users as it promises to deliver the best printing services. When there is so much good about HP printers, still there are chances that you may face certain technical errors while using it. One such error code is 49 that arises generally due to a communication problem. Call at the HP printer contact number to get such errors fixed easily and quickly.

The error code 49 can make it difficult to access or use the printer properly. However, they can be easily removed by applying the appropriate steps that have been mentioned below:

  • First, you need to turn your HP printer off.
  • After this, unplug your printer from the network or computer.
  • As the next step, cancel all the printing jobs and reboot the printer so that the error code 49 gets automatically removed.
  • Then reconnect the printer to the network or the system and restart it.
  • Now, try to print and check if the error occurs again or not.

If these steps have successfully resolved the issue, you can continue working with your printer normally. However, if the error code appears again after some time, this means it is a major issue. Now, you will need to connect with the HP experts who can fix the problem using their expertise. HP customer care number is where you have to call to ask for technical help and the certified professionals will analyze the issue properly and then they will suggest the best techniques to overcome the issue.

Other tips to resolve the error code 49 with HP printer:

  • This error can also arise on account of corrupted or incompatible drive when you are trying to print using a particular software or some complicated document. Reinstall the printer driver and it must be a compatible one.
  • Error 49 can also occur when the JetDirect network card has been corrupted. To fix this, you will need to replace the JetDirect Network card.
  • If the additional accessories installed on the printer has corrupted, it will lead to error 49. You can try removing the external accessories and then print again.


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