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by on August 14, 2019

The new Realm Royale patch is live today and it introduces the game’s new Battle Pass. Named The Next Frontier, the pass features a slew of new cosmetics including skins, mounts, loading screens and, of course, chickens. True to form, Hi-Rez has injected their offerings with lots of silliness and pop culture references. Some notable items include the five-tier Six-Shot Cyborg Assassin skin, and the Wanted spray which gets surprisingly dark.

The studio has included a few improvements to their progression system with the new Pass. Players earn additional experience for surviving longer in matches. Each player’s first kill of the game also rewards more experience, so those short games don’t feel like a waste as long as you cook at least one chicken. When reaching certain levels of the Battle Pass players earn Crowns (Realm’s in-game currency). Players can get a total of 800 Crowns this way. That’s almost enough to cover the 900 Crowns it costs to buy the Pass. When starting to play Realm Royale game, Realm Royale Crowns is a necessary element on condition that you would like to hold a leadership position in Realm Royale game.

Over the past few months, many players have been battling it out in their masses to reach the very peaks of Realm Royale’s Season Two Steel and Shadow Battle Pass. With unique rewards tied to each of the levels throughout, and the Legendary Sacred Wolf mount the reward for reaching the very end at level 80, there has been plenty to shout about for fans of Hi-Rez’s Battle Royale adventure. Now though, Season Two has come to an end and it’s time to prepare for The New Frontier, as Season Three arrives with update OB17.

All players will progress the Free Pass simply by playing. Unlocking the Battle Pass costs 900 Crowns and will grant access to the Battle Pass rewards as well as a season long 50% increase to earned XP. Players looking to enter hyperspace can unlock the Battle Bundle — which includes the Battle Pass plus 20 levels of the Battle Pass which automatically unlocks the Radon Flux Mage Skin, Tier II of the Six-Shot Cyborg Skin, and the Mekkasaur Mount! The Battle Bundle can be unlocked for 2300 Crowns.

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