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The very low cartoon Astellia Online Asper the gloomy looking low resolutions on the world and versions, the hastily cobbled together ui which resembles a ms paint copy paste job. And how low tech the whole game seems to be makes me suspect Torchlight Frontiers was intended to be a portable game, or at very least a facebook design flash game.Torchlight Frontiers 1 & 2 were excellent matches. Frontiers seems like crap due to the microtransaction/pay to win model. You can spew idiocy whatever you want but if you allow players buy premium gear, it's cover to triumph. P2W is absolute trash. Always has been, always will be. Create a good game worth buying. Make a

match because you're players who love to produce matches. Should you devolve into money grubbing scumbags only trying to develop ways to fuck players and take their cash, you deserve to rust.One of the most hated thing in D3, as an example, is your personal loot and not being able to trade or sell items (Same party members could trade I know that isnt what I am talking about). Path of exile gets got the looting and trading system nearly perfect. You need to put Poe as an illustration of how you can do stuff while keeping the first Arpg feel and doing something new. Possessing the material harder and needing bigger learning curve is much more attractive and expands a fun time of Torchlight Frontiers. I hope you consider some of the remarks made on this movie. If possible I want to get feedback why you decide not to place lvls and abilities perhaps you can convice me they are not needed.

I concur that this all seems just a bit too straightforward and casual, please don't be among these devs who want to go full casual to please a larger public, truth be told, any type of participant, casual or not, will put the effort to learn how things work should they really enjoy Torchlight Frontiers... On the flip side if there is not anything to learn veteran player will probably will not be playing for long... hope this won't be taken the wrong way it is just how I feel and sorry for my english? .


Please for the love of ARPG's revamp that skill tree. Do not turn this to Torchlight 3: Reaper of Souls. I'm begging you. Not having amounts isn't that big of a problem if you scale difficulty properly with well designed mechanics and enemies. But there better be some significant depth to that skill tree in the future, or this will be cheap Astellia Online Asper d3 around again, with everybody playing build with the very same skills because you failed to style classes intricate enough to have variety. This seems so promising, however I'm going to be so damn disappointed if that is what occurs.


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